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If in a (team) evaluation you mainly look at what went well via. The ‘feedforward’ method and then at what could even better you create a more positive atmosphere. Also read: Giving & receiving honest feedback is difficult, this is how Turkey WhatsApp Number List you do it It doesn’t matter to Schreurs and Schrikkema what you call it (‘positive feedback’ is also allowed), as long as you apply the underlying ideas.

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As read on the back cover, therefore gives you no critical feedback on what you are not doing well. It gives you feedforward.” Run upstairs. Tackling Obstacles It seems ironic that right from the first chapter, the reader is ask to list what is holding his or her team back from achieving goals. The counterproductive or sabotaging ‘moves’ that are common.

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Turkey WhatsApp Number List

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The authors also realize this when they state that this may be a somewhat bleak start to the book. But identifying these kinds of trends and getting to work on them is of course quite different from giving critical feedback in daily practice – at the project or product level – on things that are not going well.

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