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Working from home: 10 tips that will help you achieve it

2020 has been a year of global  mexico mobile number sample changes that have affected our daily routines and the way we relate to the world: how we learn, shop and work from home . The International Labor Organization estimates that 27% of workers in high-income countries could telecommute from home. (Source: United Nations ). Mexico has 2,600,000 teleworkers, Chile has more than half a million mexico mobile number sample citizens in this modality, Costa Rica with more than 30 thousand and Colombia, with more than 122 thousand people linked to remote work. The numbers continue to rise, and in all countries. According to a report

by Great Place to Work, ” only 0.5 percent of workers who take upme good things about mexico mobile number sample the home office , including: Less time in traffic: Car travel has been linked to increased stress, more pon their office peers. A cleaner environment : According to estimates by Global Workplace Analytics, a research and consulting firm, if everyone in the United States worked remotely half the time, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle travel by mexico mobile number sample more than 51 million metric tons per year. Money saved: Global Workplace Analytics estimated that people could save, on average, $ 2,000 to $ 6,500 each year if they didn’t spend on things like gas and childcare. More job satisfaction: A 2005 study found that job satisfaction increased with each additional hour people spent working remotely. But it stopped increasing beyond 3 p.m. Fewer illnesses: Even when companies mexico mobile number sample consider reconfiguring workplaces with Plexiglas barriers on desks and special air filters, allowing employees to work from home can help keep them safe from communicable diseases (and not just Covid-19 ). More time for fitness: You may be able to do more workouts. “Having a little more

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time, if you use it wisely, can be very beneficial,” said Marilyn Skarbek, assistant professor of exercise science at North Central College in mexico mobile number sample Naperville, Illinois. Here are some tips to telecommute successfully Achieving a home office can be challenging and a great investment. However, it is important that you remember that uncertainty has been the protagonist, so we do not know how long we will have to work in this modality or how the virus that has force dmexico mobile number sample  us to confine ourselves behaves. Some recommendations are: Have a good desk and a good chair: one of the fundamental factors that can affect your work life is posture. If we take into account that you can spend between 8 and 10 hours list provider in front of the computer, the idea of ​​having a comfortable table and chair becomes more important. Finding an ergonomic chair and a desk with enough space for

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