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Not all websites that appear when searching your target query are your competitors. Even commercial keywords will take you to neutral search results like listings, media articles, and informational resources. For example, Google’s SERPs for “barbershop” include both Jamaica WhatsApp Number List business pages and non-commercial pages. Search results barbershop competition survey.

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Search results vary depending on location. A user from Amsterdam who searches for ‘the best barbershop’ will get different results than a user from Eindhoven who gives the same search. So if you’re targeting a specific location, look for competitors who work in the same region. Use Google Maps and location-based business listings to find.

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List
Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

Third Party your direct competitors

Competitive research tools help you quickly understand the market. Enter a competitor’s domain name and get a full list of websites targeting the same audience. Filter the results by excluding the sources that do not represent a relevant company (listings, online media, social networks, etc.). Also read: Beat the competition? Use unpredictability as a weapon Thanks to SEO analytics.

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