Why use Google Tag Manager on your website?

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Why use Google Tag Manager on your website?

Everyone knows Google Analytics or Google AdWords, but it is not until you step into the digital world that you discover Google Tag Manager. It is true that this element is not interesting for small web pages or blogs, where only the Analytics code is enough, but once you leave the web behind for fun, and focus on your business and your site, it will be necessary its implementation . If you Brazil Mobile Database want to establish yourself as a specialist in web positioning , you will have to control the tool perfectly, but before explaining the reason for using Google Tag Manager, it will be necessary to explain what it is.
What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tag and code management tool that works through containers, it is a <script> that must be placed just after opening the body of a web page. It is not necessary to add any more code to the page, since the changes we want to make, whether to add or delete codes, will be made from the official page of the platform.

In other words, inside the “container” of Tag Manager we can put all the codes we want on the web, without having to touch it . Once we update the Tag Manager code, it is automatically updated on your website and the modification will have already been made.Brazil Mobile Database
How does Google Tag Manager work?

Fortunately, its use is quite simple and does not require extensive knowledge of code insertion or event creation. What you do have to be clear about are the elements that exist within the tool:

Labels : these are the code fragments that we will put in the container to perform the measurement. The Google Analytics code or the Google AdWords code would be two tags for example.
Activadores: son las reglas con las que se activan las etiquetas. Con el código de Analytics por ejemplo, pondremos que el activador sea entrar en cualquier página de la web, pero también puede ser al hacer un scroll del 30% o al enviar un formulario.
Variables: son diferentes valores que pueden usar las etiquetas o activadores.

Una vez que tengamos claro estos 3 conceptos ya podremos empezar a trabajar en nuestra web.
How do I install the Google Tag Manager code on my website?

If you want to start this adventure, the first thing you will have to do is create an account on the official website of the site. They will ask you for the basic information of your website. Once we have filled in that information, we will be given a tracking code, similar to that of Analytics, and two scripts, and in the image I indicate the two scripts that they give us. script google tag manager

In this case we will have to choose, if we want to enter the tracking code (GTM-XXXXX) through a plugin, if we are using WordPress, or enter the scripts by hand. If you have technical support, I recommend that these be the ones in charge of putting it by hand on the web, if not, you can use the plugin DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager , it works perfectly, although it will place the scripts in the footer by hand, and it is not recommended , but otherwise, it is a plugin that works very well and that makes life a lot easier.

Una vez que ya hemos metido el contenedor en nuestra web es hora de darle uso, a continuación indicaré como se configura el código de Google Analytics con Tag Manager.
Configuración del código de Google Analytics con Google Tag Manager

With the Analytics code we will able to be measure and do a very complete monitoring of our website . Entering it through Tag Manager is as simple as entering the code manually. It is important that if you already have the Analytics code installed, and you are going to put Tag Manager, remember to delete the first one, so that the duplicate code is not there.

Creation of the Google Analytic variable s: from the work table we must go to the variables section, we will find it in the vertical menu on the left. From there we will create a new variable , which should be as seen in the following image. configurar google analytics con google tag manager
Creation of the tag : to insert the Brother Cell Phone List Analytics code using Tag manager it will be necessary to create a tag . In the menu on the left of the work table we will find this section. For the configuration of this tag we will have to select the type of tag “Google Analytics Universal”, in the type of tracking we will select “page view” and we will select the configuration of Google Analytics, which is the variable that we have just created. In the image I show how it should look as a whole, including point 3, the selection of the activator.

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