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‘Why did they kill me The chilling crime documentary comes to Netflix

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‘Why did they kill me The chilling crime documentary comes to Netflix

A new crime documentary has hit the Netflix catalog.  list of india numbers ‘Why did they kill me , is the name of the production that immerses us in the tireless search for the relatives of a young woman from the United States murdered by members of a gang . The heartbreaking stories – as well as the closest testimonies of those involved – remain as witnesses in the minute production that is part of the Netflix premieres of the month of April. In ‘Why did they kill me?’ list of india numbers  the mother of the victim undertakes the task of using the social networks of that time to thoroughly investigate the people she considers responsible, a situation that leads to various repercussions for multiple families list of india numbers .

You can also read Terror takes over Netflix with this premiere that few know The best horror sequels available on HBO Why did Netflix kill me Crystal Theobald was murdered at the age of while in her car in Arlanda list of india numbers , a California neighborhood. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. The boundary between justice and revenge dissolves little by little before the actions of mother Belinda Lane who pushed to the limit the search for those responsible for list of india numbers  the death of her daughter Crystal Theobald , who died after a group of people, gang members, shot him for no apparent reason . Although everything pointed from the beginning to a gang as responsible for the death of the year-old girl , the investigations ruled out that she had belonged to one of them. Witnessing the death of her daughter, the mother did not sit idly by and, using Myspace list of india numbers  as a tool , managed to find those responsible. In trend: Crime Productions Based on True Events Newly Added to Netflix Why did Netflix kill me.


Belinda Lane, mother of the victim, pushed her list of india numbers  investigation to the limit by consulting social networks to reach those responsible. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. The Netflix crime documentary shows  list provider different points of view of the situations that arose after the tragic event. With a formidable narrative, the production has the support of important and recognized figures  list of india numbers who joined their talents to carry out the film. These include Emmy winner Julian Cautherley and director Frederick Munk. ‘Why did they kill me?’ It is available in the Netflix catalog from this list of india numbers  . This production reinforces the offer of the criminal genre of the catalog that has conquered the subscribers among the most watched.

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