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Are you tracking your client’s journey? Do you have organized utms setup? Are you using pixels? Do you have unique identifiers for your clients that allow you to see their customer journey? If not. That’s your first goal. Start organizing your tracking efforts so that you can start gathering the data you will need in the future. #2. Reporting once you have tracking in place. You can typically manually create excel reports that give you a much more accurate depiction of your marketing efforts (including lift effects and other variables). However. Over time.

Meaghan is saying that taking action from data is the new competitive advantage. As she rolled up her sleeves (literally and figuratively). I knew i was about to get some juicy perspective). “there are two steps to get accurate reporting on your marketing efforts in your systems. #1. Tracking get as much information as possible. Information is simply multiple points of data brought together to allow you to see patterns and gain answers to questions. Like.

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That means Tracking is the first and primary component of accuracy in your reporting. How much overlap do we have VP Software Email List in reporting? Are there clients that have been exposed to multiple marketing efforts? If so. Are we tying together their customer journey with accurate tracking efforts? What are all the possible impacts on our sales? How have they impacted sales before? Are there correlations? How are you going to answer these questions to get the insights you desire? You must have the data in order to be able to analyze the data to get insight.

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That becomes tedious and time consuming and allows for too much human error. The next logical step is to automate via etl (extracting. Transforming. And loading the information from these systems into a singular place) and then to visualize the combined. Clean data with a dashboard. This enables you to eliminate wasted time. Effort. And give you insights in a quick and digestible manner.” my brain hurts a little. And i love data. Luckily.

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She graciously shared an in-depth video about information optimization so she can explain it even more. So. What now? I asked meaghan if it’s hopeless. Will attribution ever really be clear? “everyone has different backgrounds and experience. So when they look at a metric they will see one thing and come up with an action item based off their experience. But if you bring in another set of eyes. That person may see something totally different and come to a different conclusion.” she replied. It was a little alarming to hear it was so subjective.

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