WhatsApp Marketing know what it is advantages and how to use it

The first point to highlight on the subject is that whatsapp marketing is a digital strategy that uses the benefits of the platform. That is. It is not a native feature of the application. Whatsapp has gained relatively rapid popularity among users around the world for bringing several features and trends that make people’s routine easier. According to neil patel ‘s blog . Whatsapp has already surpassed facebook as the most used app in the world on android and ios devices. Also. It is the social network – yes. Whatsapp is already considered as a social network! – with more active users per month. In this sense. Whatsapp marketing is the name given to the strategy that uses this application to create a relationship channel between brands and their audiences.

Understand what WhatsApp Marketing is

Through the platform it is possible to communicate. Relate and even sell to your customers. For this. The use of whatsapp business is essential. As this tool was developed exclusively for business use. Next. Learn a little more about whatsapp business! Discover whatsapp business whatsapp business was launched for free in 2018. Bringing exclusive List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu features to the business environment. As many of the small businesses were already using the benefits of the platform in their business. For example. Some companies used the application to mark or unmark appointments. Or offer customer support. In addition to promoting their products. With the business version. It was possible to bring a more professional tone to this communication. Among other advantages. Such as automating and responding more quickly to customer messages.

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Discover WhatsApp Business

According to an article in exame magazine . In the year the tool was launched. 87% of smes were already using the business version and believed that it facilitated communication with customers; and 81% pointed out that the application contributed to business growth. Among the features is the creation of a business profile. Where you can List Provider enter the address. Website. Email and opening hours of your business. There is also the possibility to set up automatic messages. An extremely useful feature to provide customer feedback even when you are outside your opening hours. In addition. The platform allows you to insert organization tags in conversations to identify your contacts. Such as “new customer”. “payment” and “schedule.

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