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What to do with the toxic followers?

People, by habit, usually complain about the world and do not seem to be satisfied with anything. The excess of information, which should be an advantage in communicational terms, results in a general nonconformity. Obviously that extends to our users and followers on social networks . The subject, at times, can be fun or even challenging. At other times, for the Benin Phone Numbers List Community Manager, it becomes a headache. So what to do with toxic followers? The first thing is to identify if the follower is habitually aggressive, that is, if he is a “troll” or if he simply had a bad experience with one of our products. In the latter case, you can invite him internally to talk about it, so that he can tell you why he is so upset. Once you know what it is about, you will realize that almost everything has a solution.

For example, if the product failed within a few days of purchase, you can ask why it did not use the warranty and replace it. Probably, if he is out of time and you replace it anyway, that negative comment will be immediately reversed and he will probably comment on it himself on social networks , which will mean good publicity for you. Remember: almost all problems have solutions. You just have to use creativity to find a good one. In the event that the follower is one of the toxic type or what is called in social networks as “Troll” (people who are dedicated to attacking people or companies, thus channeling their own aggressiveness) the mode of operation implies another technique that has a couple of options.

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Do not answer. What the Troll is interested in is getting attention. If you answer and get hooked, he is the one who wins. This type of person usually has a very rude and aggressive language and his message does not always relate to the company directly. Now, whatever he says, don’t delete his comment. This is very important because, by doing so, you are giving it importance – which is what you are looking for – and you avoid the possibility of reaction from other followers.

Answer. This option is necessary when the Phone Number List toxic follower speaks ill of a company product. In that case, the answer should be as formal and friendly as possible and also public, inviting him to talk privately about his annoyance so that he can give you new information. If you have indeed had a problem, it is a good idea to be patient. If the character just wants attention, he won’t return communication and everyone will end up ignoring him at some point. Let’s not forget that these characters, who have no arguments to attack, are often looking for followers and people to join their ranks. If there is no reaction, he will lose the game. As simple as that.

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