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Years ago, we would never have thought that a social network could have such an impact or even reach consequences that affect one or many people. Simply not knowing who is behind the screen is an important reason to doubt or question the origin of the Denmark Phone Number List information or of a tweet or publication on any social network. Does everyone deserve the benefit of the doubt? Recently the team, the online newspaper Business Insider, released a list of reasons and examples of tweets why someone can be arrested for terrifying with the minimum amount of words allowed on the social network of the blue bird. Here just a couple of examples:

Propose the assassination of a president: Although in Mexico, in social networks, the president is attacked more than a zombie and nobody does anything, in the United States this can land you in jail. To cite an example, we will talk about Jarvis Britton, a 26-year-old young man who was sentenced to spend a year in prison for posting on the social network about President Barack Obama: “We are going to kill the president”, and then he limited “Can you avoid it the president? He only has 36 hours ”.

Don’t believe everything you hear at a concert: Songs and comments about them can get you in big trouble. Pink’s ‘Timebomb’ was inspiring to a young man who attended the concert. Excited, the fan posted on Twitter : “@Pink I’m ready with my Bomba. It’s time to fly RodLaverArena ”. The 16-year-old Australian was arrested by police officers at the concert, who recognized him from the photo on his profile Twitter . After being released, he had to clear up the misunderstanding through the social network.

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Don’t mess with athletes: Last year, during the London Olympics, a 17-year-old was arrested for threatening to shoot American diver Tom Daley. The teenager was angry that his jump was not a winner, and when other users Twitter began to defend him, he replied: “I have a gun license to hunt birds and I am going to shoot you too.” After that, he had to clear up the matter with licensed men to arrest him.

You cannot express your “gift of predictor”: In Mexico no one can have the gift of predicting something, much less commenting on it on a social network (where was freedom of expression?) Because by mere chance you can go to jail. Mario Flores (@MareoFlores), a Mexican tweeter  Phone Number List wrote a message that turned out to be a prediction or even chance. “I did not leave so early since Mouriño’s plane fell, be careful flying officials,” of course, making fun of the accident a couple of years ago where a plane collapsed. Hours later, he was arrested when Blake Mora’s helicopter went down in the State of Mexico. The young man was released because he was innocent, and he assured that it was a coincidence. With these examples we do not want to limit your intention to tweet what you want, there are simply things that we must write with caution.

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