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What are argumentative texts and how to write them successfully?

It is in this part when the author must hook the reader and can do so using various tools, free phone number database including: Narration: in this introduction, the author presents a story and then gives his arguments. Example: “Gabriel has a store that has always sold very well. In 2020, he realized that he needs to enter the virtual world and reach more people. Gabriel wonders how to achieve it and a good Inbound free phone number database Marketing strategy is the answer ”. Concept: with this type of introduction, a concept or definition is presented which is then deepened to reaffirm the arguments.

Example: “Inbound Marketing is a set of techniques and tools that seek to reach a free phone number database brand’s customers in a more holistic and humane way, respecting their needs and the moment they are in. How to apply it and achieve sales success? Here we tell you more ”. Phrase: it is about starting the text with a phrase of some relevant character, free phone number database which supports the arguments that will be presented in the text. Example: “Marketing is learned in one day. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master ”, Philip Kolter. Marketing is certainly always changing and we need to stay up-to-date to know what customers expect and how we can best meet their needs. chase. Download our guide to writing content well positioned in Google here Types of argumentative texts There are several types of arguments that can support your text and enrich it: Argument free phone number database  of authority: it is a question of citing a study made by an authority or institution. At this point it is very important to include links that allow readers to verify the information.

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Illustration argumenee. How to write a good argumentative text The argumentative texts, as we mentioned, seek to convince the reader. They are very free phone number database useful in Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing strategies because they can clearly present the benefits and pros of a product or service, demonstrating to the potential customer that the brand in question is the best decision. Some keys to writing good argumentative texts are: Research very well: before writing an argumentative text, it is very important that the author investigates well. This is to be able to support their argum free phone number database ents and opinions in reliable sources and data that can be verified. In this way, the reader will feel more respect for the writer and will be more likely to be convinced to buy the product or service. Appeal to emotion: when trying to convince someone it is very important to appeal to their emotions. list provider  By speaking directly about what the reader may be feeling when suffering from a certain problem, the author shows empathy and that he knows his potential audience. In the same way, it is important that that feeling of joy and tranquility is transmitted when finding a solution: the product or service in question.

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