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But often things go wrong at level 1. Remarkably many employees and even leaders do not really know what the vision and core values ​​of the organization are. For example, because they are formulated too vaguely, the application of the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List values ​​in practice has not been properly thought out, or they do not sufficiently match individual goals and needs.

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When employees work from the values ​​of the organization, they not only feel work but also organizational enthusiasm. This is not just nice to have, but makes a world of difference, as the passage below makes clear: Within organizations that have clearly formulated and communicated how they create value from the various roles.

Uruguay WhatsApp Number List
Uruguay WhatsApp Number List

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Percent say they motivate versus 31 percent within other organizations. 65 percent say they are passionate about their work, versus 32 percent in another organization. These organizations see many benefits: more than 90 percent of them show growth and profit rates that are above average in their industry. In short, it is very important for the happiness of the employees that they know.

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