Understanding the phenomenon ‘Namaland’, the best film of the year

‘Nomadland’ became the great winner of the Oscars german phone book  . Following the path of predictions, the film directed by Chloé Zhao made history by winning three major awards: Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress. Since its premiere at the last Venice Film Festival , where it won the Golden Lion, the film has become the favorite of specialized critics. Since then, the film has received a great number of recognitions to which were added the three Oscars of the categories where it was victorious of the six nominations it had german phone book  . The movie has already made history. Its director Chloé Zhao is the second woman to win the Oscar for Best Director and the first of Asian origin. Its melancholic drama with the impressive performance of Frances McDorman and peculiar filmography captivates its viewers. You can also read: Chloé Zhao makes history by winning the Oscar for Best Director Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture To understand a little more about the ‘Namaland german phone book ‘ phenomenon , here are some interesting facts that surround this winning film so that you can better understand why it is the best film of the year .

Oscar winners Photo: Courtesy Disney. A journey to reflection  german phone book A journey to reflection The plot of ‘Nomadland’ is a journey towards exploration and reflection through its main character, Fern . After the economic collapse of an industrial colony in rural Nevada, the protagonist gathers her things in a pickup truck and sets out on a road trip like a modern-age nomad. In addition to depicting Fern’s life, the film explores other true stories of nomads who mentor the traveler across the vast landscape of the American West. The film sheds light on the current situation where changes and redefinitions are made through themes such as modern culture, freedom, the spirit of community, the transformation of the American dream and others. german phone book  Nomads of the modern era The film confronts us with these characters . Older, middle-class and working-class men and women who for various reasons renounce the idea of ​​a fixed home , traveling the country in converted vans , trailers or buses. This is the profile of modern nomads. Obtaining seasonal jobs and with temporary encounters, connecting temporarily with those who cross his path. With extremely diverse life histories, the nomads carry with them the marks of their past, and many find on the road a way to heal, to repair, to transform themselves. Golden Globes Nomadland Photo: Courtesy Disney. Between reality and fiction The film is based on the book ‘Nomadland: Surviving America in 21st Century’ by writer Jessica Bruder. ‘Nomadland ‘ was conceived from the german phone book  beginning as a project that intersects between reality and fiction .

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For Zhao, that was the right path to enter the heart of the nomadic community german phone book  , articulating the performances of McDormand and David Strathairn, who plays Dave, with actual representatives of the nomadic community.  list provider Nomadland Best Film Photo: Courtesy Disney. “Since we wanted to incorporate people who were not actors and who were themselves at that moment into the film, somehow Frances also had to be her at that moment, because she didn’t know what the others were going to do german phone book . That is why the film has so much of her in its character ”. Zhao added. Furthermore, the book was Zhao’s starting point for summoning the royal nomads featured in the film. Thus, he came to Swankie and Linda May, who have deep-rooted ties within the nomadic community and play themselves in the film. In trend: Mexicans win the Oscar for Best Sound for  german phone book ‘Sound of Metal’ This is how the red carpet returned to the Oscars ceremony Los productores también recurrieron a Home on Wheels, una agrupación sin fines de lucro de apoyo a la vida nómada, como puerta de acceso a la comunidad.

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