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Linkedin is a social network focused on networking and professional interaction. With specific content from different markets. It is the ideal network both to strengthen the corporate image and for those seeking professional relocation. Therefore. Linkedin is a very efficient tool to generate business opportunities and great connections. In 2019. The network turned 16. Accumulating impressive numbers. The channel already has more than 560 million users in 200 countries and territories. Brazil is among the 5 countries with the highest adoption of the network. According to omnicore . Namely: united states india brazil great britain canada according to the marketing on linkedin ebook . Produced by rock content. 90 million linkedin members have a senior level of influence and 63 million are in a position to make decisions within the company.

Some features of LinkedIn

Another interesting fact about the network is that one in every three professionals on the planet is on linkedin. Additionally. 91% of marketing executives cite linkedin as the best place to find quality content. Also according to rock content. 30 million companies use this social network! Now that you’ve understood a bit of the context of this social Anhui Mobile Phone Number List network. Let’s see how a company page works and why it’s so important to your digital strategy! How do company pages work? Company pages are intended for b2b and b2c companies. Regardless of size and segment. If you are interested in strengthening your image in the digital environment. It is possible to share company news and news. Articles related to your market. New job vacancies. And even promote your products and services.

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How do Company Pages work

Following the pattern of other social networks. On linkedin for companies there are also options to like. Comment and share posts. In addition to creating and driving ads. The difference between a personal profile on linkedin and a company page is that in the former what will be displayed is knowledge. Skills and professional development. On the page of a company. We find the characteristics and main differentials List Provider of the business. A good comparison to understand the difference between these two types of profiles is facebook. Where there are personal profiles and fanpages. Therefore. The company page offers several benefits and opportunities for your company. Such as understanding your audience’s data and strengthening their relationship with your brand. Linkedin’s relevance to your digital strategy linkedin’s relevance to your digital strategy having a company page.

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