Understand how to apply Growth Marketing to industries

Growth Marketing is a strategy aimed at the development and continuous improvement of the business. The English translation of the term means “growth marketing”. The purpose of this concept is to develop the company in a consistent way in order to achieve commercial goals more easily. Growth marketing involves from organic to paid media actions to drive the acquisition of new customers and retain those who are already in your base. increasing profitability. However. you need to know how to differentiate Growth Marketing from Growth Hacking . The first is linked to the company’s growth through marketing. The second has the same objective of making the company grow. but may involve other areas of the company. such as the financial sector. people management. logistics. etc. In summary. the growth strategy is based on raising hypotheses. carrying out tests and monitoring results.

What is Growth Marketing

Tests that show a good result with less effort are prioritized and applied on a larger scale. It is worth noting that this is a concept that emerged with the development of startups. However. this is a Benin Phone Number List methodology that can be applied to any business model. Even the most traditional. such as industries. The benefits for traditional businesses Performing a frequent analysis of the main growth metrics of your business is essential to anticipate problems and develop more effective solutions. In addition. by applying Growth Marketing. your industry can achieve results such as an increase in lead generation. greater qualification of contacts. reduction of CAC and sales cycle. This is the time to understand that there is still no way to be resistant to strategies and the virtual environment if you want to guarantee greater scalability .

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The benefits for traditional businesses

According to the State of Growth 2020 report . More than half of growth professionals surveyed are part of B2B businesses. This demonstrates that in even more complex models. this strategy has been highlighted as essential to simplify sales and. consequently. generate better results. In addition. the research also pointed out positive scenarios for List Provider the implementation of this strategy. According to the survey. More than 42% of respondents said that their positive experiences account for 25% to 50% of the total. And 11% had good results with 50% to 75% of them. Therefore. In addition to simplifying business processes. Constant testing and a focus on the customer experience ensure. Frequent engagement with your brand and the construction of stronger relationships. Furthermore. There will be a more consolidated positioning of the brand. The attraction will be more assertive and loyalty will be achieved.

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