Twitter undergoing a complete makeover

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Twitter undergoing a complete makeover

There is no doubt that the systems and marketing areas of Twitter, the bird’s social network, have paid great attention to the Albania Phone Number List needs and interests of users, since they have just launched the simultaneous update for mobile and desktop apps, which allows direct message synchronization between all devices linked to the same account. Mexico DF; There is no doubt that the systems and marketing areas of Twitter , the bird’s social network, have paid great attention to the needs and interests of users, as they have just released a couple of updates for both mobile and desktop applications. One of the updates allows direct message synchronization between all devices linked to the same account.

According to the Twitter team in its official blog , the synchronization of direct messages between applications will be very useful to avoid the user having to read the same message over and over again when accessing the application from different platforms. In addition, the popular network microblogging has enabled this update for all mobile devices based on Android, iOS and OS X, as well as access to the service through, and the official application TweetDeck . En realidad está quitando un enorme peso de encima a los usuarios, pues resultaba hasta incomodo tener que ver la notificación en todas partes.

In addition, the new version for Android , iPhone , iPad and the website for mobile devices also incorporates improvements in the search function, where now you can have access to the full biography of the person you are looking for and it will be possible to access related accounts . The update for iOS also incorporates a new window to respond to ‘tweets’, and in the case of Twitter for Mac, the Interactions tab is now available, as in the rest of the versions for other operating systems.

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And as expected, the better results, the more changes. Twitter did not want the language to be a limitation for communication and information flow, and implemented, in the first instance, a translator integrated with Tweetdeck, and in view of the success obtained, they launched the same function for Windows Phone .

Now is the time to knock on the Phone Number List door of the Web, where it allows tweets that are not in our language to have a link at the bottom where we can request a translation. This sounds very similar to what already happens with Facebook and translations. The translations are provided by Bing , which by the way has not completely delighted the user as it throws certain errors. Now we just have to wait for the relevant updates in translators for IOS and Android favorites.

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