TV multitasking behavior continues to grow

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TV multitasking behavior continues to grow

Multitasking behavior in front of the television is on the rise. The latest report published by the IAB indicates that, in the United States, 82% of adults now use the Lithuania Mobile Database Internet from time to time through their mobile devices, while watching TV.

How does this multitasking behavior influence television advertising?

El estudio indica que estos consumidores multitarea están más expuestos a la publicidad en televisión que la media y, por tanto, más influidos por ella. Lithuania Mobile Database

On average, 43% of adult viewers in the United States routinely engage in multitasking behavior; as reflected by the IAB.

Approximately a quarter of these users (24%) affirm that they habitually see the commercial that is emitted next to their favorite television program. Which implies 6% more than the rest of non-multitasking adults (18%). 88% of multitasking viewers indicate that they see television advertising occasionally, compared to 83% of the rest.

This behavior also encourages viewers to search online for those products that they are seeing on television. 33% admit that the ads led them to search online, compared to 29% of viewers who do not combine television activity with the use of their mobile devices.

Similarly, these multitasking consumers were more willing than the average to carry out online activities such as accessing their social profiles, consuming online video and even shopping. For them, activity on social media greatly influences their purchasing decisions.

The report highlights that the sectors that the Brother Cell Phone List most aroused the interest of these viewers were electronics (54%), accessories (44%), shoes (32%) and small household appliances (31%).

Definitely, multitasking viewers showed a greater interest in television information and content, which also includes advertising. It is a great opportunity to promote engagement with brands, and increase the effectiveness of advertising impact.

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