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Trends adn Neuromarketing

Consumers always notice that a product looks nice or has beautiful packaging. They buy influenced by emotions and appearances. That is why to generate better packaging you have to go deeper into the subject and not only take trends as references. Consumers always notice that a product looks nice or has beautiful packaging. They buy influenced by Colombia Mobile Number Database emotions and appearances. That is why in order to generate a better packaging, it is necessary to delve deeper into the subject and not only take trends as references, as suggested by the Barcel spokesperson in his conference at the 4th National Marketing Congress, where he indicated that “it is it tries to understand parking trends and capitalize on them considering the needs of the brand and its target audience ”.

In addition, the speaker listed the packaging trends that should be considered: Congruence: integrated communication that has coherence from packaging to marketing strategies. Simple is more: talk specifically about what the brand offers. Appeal to the emotional: playing with various resources that appeal to the consumer’s emotion. Elaborate design: with several attractive and strong but congruent elements. Friendly design: that the message you spread is positive. Definitely, with the aforementioned aspects, we can reach the conclusion that neuromarketing must be present more than ever, and not for a season but because this has a lot to do with new trends in neuroeconomics. The role of neuroeconomics is to be able to explain from neuroscience how the human brain solves problems and deals with decision-making.

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En el mundo de las decisiones, frecuentemente, se tiene que reflejar la existencia de oponentes inteligentes que buscan la maximización de las ganancias. En base a ello surge el NeuromarKeting, que en primera instancia debemos entenderlo como algo ajeno a un proceso de manipulación o comportamiento humano y el cual pretende favorecer y ayudar a que se ofrezcan mercados de calidad y competitivos.

Understanding the world of Neuromarketing requires first of all to find a correct theory based on economics to be able to describe the individual and collective behaviors of a given society. Likewise, it is also necessary to understand brain theories and analyze the use of new imaging technologies in order to understand emotional and impulsive involvement. Finally, it is necessary to know how the human brain processes emotions crossed by meanings and not information, which is what the human brain does when people consume or learn.

Kevin Randall, director of the Phone Number List brand strategy and research at Movéo Integrated Marketing, defines neuromarketing as “the practice of using technology to measure brain activity in consumers to use that information in product development and communications.” With this brief comparison, we intend that the peak moment of creating packaging be studied and not based solely on trends. It may sound a bit risky, but the consumer looks for quality products with beautiful packaging and not simply packaging that conquers them.

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