Top 5 of the best CEOs in the world

Before, when you became CEO, it was a great achievement and a huge responsibility. Being CEO does not mean having the UK Phone Number Database List highest position, but knowing how to respond to the best and worst situations before, something that not just anyone can do. When you become CEO, it is the best demonstration of great achievement and enormous responsibility. Being CEO, in addition to having the highest position, represents that you have known how to respond to the best and worst situations, something that not just anyone can do.

magazine TIME fit saw to create a list of the best CEOs in the world, who in addition to reaching the corporate “top”, became icons in technology companies. Marissa Meyer- Yahoo . He spent 13 years at the helm of Google, and thanks to his performance, creativity and leadership, he is now CEO of Yahoo, which has recently made great changes in terms of investments and purchases of key elements for its growth. Steve Ballmer- Microsoft . Ballmer joined Microsoft in 1980 as one of its first employees, a few years after graduating from Harvard University. In 2000, Ballmer replaced Bill Gates’s job. In the following years, Microsoft’s revenue and profits have increased.

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Dick Costolo- Twitter. He worked for a time at Google, later he had his own company Feed Burner and since 2009 he came to Twitter with his first “tweet”: “Tomorrow the first full day as Twitter COO. Task 1: Become CEO and consolidate power ”. Mark Zuckerberg- Facebook. Founder and CEO of Facebook created the social network from his room at Harvard, with the firm intention that “People share more – even if only with their friends or family – create a more open culture and lead to a better understanding of life and the perspectives of others ”. In 2010, Zuckerberg was named Character of the Year. His social network is growing by leaps and bounds and his ideas are a guide for many other minds that pursue creativity.

Larry Page- Google. Since Larry took over as CEO of Google more than two years ago, the company has seen notable increases. He got rid of non-essential lines on the page and works with the motto “the passion and soul of a new company. In addition to them there Phone Number List are more important leaders, and it should be noted that a CEO who led the way for many and the company Apple was Steve Jobs, who, thanks to great ideas, maintained and improved the position of the “apple” company. Now, Tim Cook is the one who is at the forefront and intends to continue leading one of the brands most followed by different types of consumers on the same path of success.

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