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Top 5 countries addicted to the internet

It sounds really interesting when you start to make lists of countries that have a high consumption rate in a certain aspect. In this case we will talk about the countries that have a certain attachment to the internet. Mexico DF; It sounds really interesting when Poland Mobile Number Database you start to make lists of countries that have a high consumption rate in a certain aspect. In this case we will talk about the countries that are addicted to the internet.

The media and markets polling agency, NOP World, released the list of countries with the highest weekly Internet consumption, this as a result of its ranking of culture “media habits” in the world. This ranking leaves us a question: how good is Mexico’s site? Taking into account that various factors such as number of inhabitants, economy among other aspects were considered, Mexico is positioned at number 30 in the global ranking.

Here is the long-awaited, the list of the 5 countries addicted to the internet: Taiwan : Its total population is 23,299,719 million inhabitants, of which 16,147 million Internet users spend 12.6 hours a week in front of the computer. Its population aged 15 to 54 years is equivalent to 61.4% of the total population, of which 7,200,455 million are men and 7,102,733 are women.

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Thailand : It has 67,448,120 million inhabitants, of which 17,483 million have access to the Internet and spend 11.7 hours a week online. The total population ranges from 15 to 54 years, equivalent to 60.7% of the total population, 20,544,844 million are women while 20,373,802 are men.

Spain : According to the population study of the INE (National Institute of Statistics), the total population of the country is equivalent to 46,704,314 inhabitants, of which 28,119 million have access to a network that is used 11.5 hours per week per person . The inhabitants of 15 to 54 years is 55.9% and is divided by 13,519,718 million men and 22,273.68 women.

Hungary: Its population is constituted by 9,939,470 million inhabitants, and 6,176 million are Internet users, who dedicate 10.9 hours weekly to it. Its population from 15 to 54 years old represents 53.5% of the population, which is made up of 2,683,344 million men and 2,637,965 million are women.

China: The world power heads the list of countries with the most users having access to the Internet with 389 million users who dedicate 10.8 hours a week to it, its total population is made up of 1,349,585,838 billion inhabitants.
The population between 15 and 54 years old represents 62.1%, 110,083,539 million are men and 406,427,348 million are women.

According to figures OECD , NOP World found that Phone Number List on average, internationally, consumers surf the web 8.9 hours a week. Thus, the Internet has become an important part of information management in societies, despite the fact that in Mexico the costs are around $ 90 per month for services with speeds between 2.5 and 15 mbps, the country has already reached more than 45 million Internet users.

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