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Transport services by application tend to increase their costs on dates of celebration or national importance. Uber registers a user base within the national territory of more than 8 million. Using hacks greatly facilitates everyday tasks or prioritizes saving time. money. and effort. One of the best qualities that immersion within social networks has offered is the discovery or popularization of tips. tricks or hacks that are shared daily among Internet users . this being also one of the most used themes by content creators to gain positioning within the different digital platforms. so a tiktok shows a simple hack to lower Uber travel fares. During the past months. especially during special dates such as Christmas.

New Year. Day of the Dead. or celebrations that require citizens to move more frequently. it is common that the travel rates of the various transport options by application increase . is in measure of the “supply and demand” that can be generated; however. users point out that sometimes these rates are excessive and even exaggerated. as was pointed out during the month of December and early January of this year. where the rates were really high. User shows hack to lower travel fares Given the growing demand for transportation delivery services by Mexicans. within applications such as Uber .

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Which according to data provided by the same Georgia phone number has an active base of at least 8 million active users. this within its users of food delivery and private transportation service. a user shares how with a simple hack it is possible to lower the cost of the rates. More than a hobby: the self-made musician The use of hacks or tips that help users optimize all kinds of tasks or generate some kind of savings in terms of money. time and effort. is one of the topics most used by content creators. who seek to provide solutions ” simpleā€ to routine problems. as shown by this hack. which was placed on networks in the past; however.

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It is now that users rescue it as a viable solution to the growing problem of costs and cancellations by various driving partners. It is worth mentioning that although the veracity of the trick shown by the tiktoker is unknown. If it is point out clearly and in operation. which consists of scheduling a trip at least half an hour in advance. Which allows. as shown in the video. Causes the trip to decrease in cost. in addition to also the use of this hack could decrease the possibility that it will be cancel. Problems in private transport apps In recent days. Various applications such as Didid and Uber have been point out on social networks. Since users report that driving partners cancel trips .

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Or do not respect the rates established by the application. A reason that has gained widespread discontent on the part of various users. He bought Activision Blizzard for an approximate sum of 68.7 billion dollars. A purchase that generate hundreds of reactions and was consider one of the most. Important business movements of the year The purchase of Activision Blizzard. By Microsoft. was carry out in past months for the sum of 68.7 billion dollars. At least 6 employees have filed lawsuits before the purchase process that is being carry out. The lawsuits are already in process before US courts. In recent months it was announce that Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for an approximate sum of 68.7 billion dollars.

A purchase that generate hundreds of reactions and was consider one of the most important business movements. Of the year. an action that fans and specialized media speculated. . Would be the watershed for the development of a new stage in. Terms of gameplay by Microsoft and its Xbox gaming division. however. In recent days it has been announce that Activision Blizzard is being sue by shareholders. After accusing it of “unfair” the purchase process. It has been announce that at least six shareholders have file lawsuits . Which indicate that the Stock Market Law has been violate.

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