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Likewise various measures taken by multiple companies have been announced who, as a sanction, have withdrawn or suspended their activities within Russian territory , such as those imposed by Marvel, Levi Strauss & Co, Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola. Within the new normal, it is common for Internet users to carry out multiple activities while browsing social networks. It is estimated that the TikTok social network has at least 689 million active users worldwide on a monthly basis. Within the new normal, it is common for Internet users to carry out multiple activities while browsing social networks. The forced social distancing allowed social networks to consolidate as one of the activities that Internet users carry out the most continuously.

Within the new normality, the use of digital platforms and social networks have become the great trend of content consumption , this is due in part to the forced social distancing as a result of the ravages generated by the current pandemic, for which reason It has become extremely common to perform all kinds of tasks while performing all kinds of tasks, so a tiktoker shows a hack to scroll the screen without the need to touch it , thus allowing faster and more efficient navigation while having the busy hands. As a result of social distancing, the different digital platforms and social networks registered a significant increase in their fan base, applications such as TikTok, it is estimated that they currently have at least just over 689 million active users worldwide.

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On a monthly basis, this according to data Australia Phone Number by specialized media , which is why the great growth of its community has managed to position TikTok within the first places of preference of active users on the network. TikTok hack will allow you to scroll the screen Within a short video placed within the social network and digital platform TikTok , a user shows an alleged hack, with which he seeks to improve the user experience within the platform, since he points out that today it is common to perform multiple tasks while you navigate within the apps and the network, such as washing clothes or bathing the dog, among others, and so the Internet user ensures that he has a practical and efficient solution so as not to have to touch the screen and continue browsing inside from TikTok.

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When couples make the decision to separate or divorce, they face a grieving process that in most cases causes emotional pain and brings with it physical and emotional discomfort. There are divorces that are carry out with much more calm, understand and ease than others; that depends on the type of relationship that was maintain, the years of coexistence, in addition to the emotional and social resources. However, the purpose of this article is to focus on the figure of children .

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ON many occasions, parents, due to their own pain, avoid paying attention to the suffering of their children. And we must remember that they are defenseless and vulnerable to the decisions of adults and. Above all, the last thing they want is to get away from their parents. . All children suffer from the divorce of their parents, some more than others . This depends on age, personality, relationship with parents, couple dynamics, and circumstances of the divorce. The typical reactions are usually: sadness, anger, worry, anxiety. Sometimes they can express it verbally, on other. Occasions they express it through changes in their behavior.

This article aims to help parents of children between five. And ten years old who have a healthy relationship. With their parents, but must face the divorce of their parents. In such a way that they manage to grow and develop as receptive. Stable and flexible adults, without the divorce being an insurmountable obstacle in the construction. Of their personality and their social and emotional skills. Children. Between the ages of five and ten, tend to understand the concept of “divorce” more easily . They assume that they will not be able to see their father or mother as often. That they will change houses, sometimes schools, neighborhoods. And that certain types of activities will be different from now on.

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