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Kyle Watson was the first employee to formally file one of the lawsuits. which stipulates that Microsoft’s purchase of Activision is “unfair for a number of reasons.” a reason Watson’s attorneys explained. reporting that one of The reasons stated is that the purchase of Activision seeks to create significant and immediate benefits for the board and directors. The law firm Watson. points out that the agreement with which the purchase process is intended to be carried out. between Activision. Blizzard and Microsoft . “does not seek the best interests of the shareholders”. since they ensure that the representatives of Activision.

They did not provide adequate information to the shareholders. so that they could make a responsible and intelligent decision. In the same way. it has been point out that the lawsuit also puts on the table that Activision Blizzard “did not create an independent committee of directors unrelated to the matter to manage the purchase process.” Likewise. it was announce that the consequent demands. are in tone and for similar reasons. The reality of the banker Before the accusations A spokesman for Activision Blizzard has expressed that “we disagree with the accusations and hope to present our arguments to the court.” Similarly. it should be noted that they are not the only lawsuits that have been filed against the video game developer studio.

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And digital content. since in recent days it was Ghana phone number that various lawsuits have also been file for accusations relate to sexual harassment and employment discrimination. reasons that add to partially stop the purchase process by Microsoft. The United States courts are expect to resolve some of the various lawsuits in the coming days. since add to all this. a lawsuit has been file by the relatives of a woman who committe suicide. after denouncing that she was a victim of sexual harassment. ; however. it should be note that the lawsuit process is unknow. as well as the position of the firm’s representatives and their actions accordingly. It is estimate that the economic income generated by street food in Mexico reaches 185 billion pesos.

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Street food in Mexico is one of the essential factors in popular culture. It is estimate that in Mexico street food generates an economic spill of approximately 185 billion pesos. Tiktoker unites two of the culinary traditions of the inhabitants of CDMX. To create the Mexican Pizza Within the popular image that is about the Mexican. A fundamental part of the collective imagination is food. Not for nothing Mexico has one of the varieties of dishes named as world heritage; however. far from the file recipes. Mexicans tend to appropriate everything by simply putting a “Mexican at the end” whether it be Mexican tinga.

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Mexican sausages or Mexican pizza. as shown by a Tiktoker who uses Little Caesars to create a very Mexican pizza. It is worth mentioning that the intention of the platform and social.  Which usually contains meat. Onions and chilies. but rather to show a new way of prepare a pizza. Including two of the most common eating habits of at least Mexico City residents. these being fast food and tacos. Within the daily life that governs the life of the inhabitants of Mexico City . Street food is a fundamental factor for the functioning of daily routines. Since these help to speed up time.

Allowing citizens to eat in periods of time. time to put it less “short”; however. this industry also offers another important factor for Mexicans. due to the fact that. According to data provide by Bancomext. it is estimate that the economic. Benefit generated by street food in Mexico reaches 185 billion pesos. The reality of the banker Tiktoker uses Little Caesars to create. The most Mexican pizza The user of the platform and social network TikTok. Shared a video showing the steps designed to create “The most Mexican pizza” . The dead influencer who is only a matter of buying a Little. Caesars cheese pizza going to the taqueria trustworthy and I asked them to serve it “with everything”.

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