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The power of the emotional brain Authors such as Goleman and Larry Dorsy have discover that the emotional centers of the brain are connecte to the immune system that fights germs and cancer. as well as the cardiovascular system. All emotions are impulses to act and each emotion prepares the body to act in a specific way. Here are some examples of the relationship between emotions and physiological responses: 1. Anger: blood flows mainly to the hands and the heart beats faster. accompanie by an increase in adrenaline in the blood. 2. Fear: the blood is concentrat in the muscles. especially those of the legs to facilitate escape.

Happiness: brain activity is focus on the central part. negative feelings are inhibite and an increase in energy levels is experience. 4. Love: relaxation of the organism and a general state of calm are produce. Surprise: the retina allows a greater amount of light to enter in order to more easily detect changes in the environment. 6. Disgust: there is an inhibition of evacuation. insomnia and risk of hypertension. 7. Sadness: there is a decrease in the levels of endorphins necessary to strengthen the immune system. knowing is the key The emotional brain is common to animals and humans. however only the latter are capable of being educate to control their emotions .

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Thus. the person who has a develop emotional Philippines Phone Number will be locate on a higher rung of evolution because they will enjoy better health and establish successful relationships with other people.  Communication is essential for the development of the human being. And a large part of our communicative capacity depends. as we have said. on speech. However. speech is not something that appears suddenly (although some authors such as Noam Chomsky became famous for defending that we have innate structures that allow the development of this ability). but that it has to be learn and develop.

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Language in general is a complex element that we will ideally acquire and consolidate throughout our physical and cognitive maturation. Some of the elements that we have to acquire and improve are the ability to articulate. fluency and understanding of speech. vocabulary and the ability to find words. grammar and syntax. and even when and how we should communicate certain things in a certain way. Although these milestones are generally acquire at certain developmental moments. In some subjects problems. deterioration or poor development of language comprehension and expression. Appear that limit the correct functioning and/or socio-emotional evolution of the individual.

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Here are some of the most common: 1. LANGUAGE DISORDER OR DYSPHASIA This disorder supposes the presence. Of a disability in the comprehension and expression of language in children with a level of intelligence typical of their level of development. Not only at an oral level. But also in other facets such as written language or reading. The language disorder or dysphasia can be evolutionary. in which case it could not be a consequence of other disorders. Or acquire. in the latter case being the product of some type of cerebral accident. Convulsive disorders or traumatic brain injuries.

Another of the main oral language disorders is dyslalia. The most frequent being the substitution of sounds. Distortions of the correct ones or the lack (omission) or addition (insertion) of these. For example. a problem with the shape of the tongue can cause dyslalia.  Dysphemia is a disorder widely known by society as a whole. Although we usually refer to it as stuttering. It is a disorder focus on the execution of speech. specifically on its fluency and rhythm.

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