This is how Mexicans nominated for the Oscar 2021 prepare

The Oscar 2021 will have a Mexican presence . This year, Mexicans Jaime Baksh mobile phones greece , Carlos Cortés and Michelle Couttolenc are nominated in the Best Sound category for their impeccable work on the original Amazon Studios film, ‘Sound of Metal’ . The sound mix was completed in Mexico.  mobile phones greece The talented Mexicans are part of the team that made the sound for the film along with Nicolas Becker and Phillip Bladh . The production shares a shortlist with other renowned sound engineers from productions such as ‘Soul’, ‘Mank’ and ‘Noticias del gran mundo’. Although they sound like the favorites after adding important awards such as the mobile phones greece and the editors’ guild award , everything will be defined next Sunday , April 25, at the Oscar ceremony held from the city of Los Angeles.

These would be some of the winners according to the experts Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture Sound of metal In addition to the nomination for Best Sound,  mobile phones greece ‘Sound of metal’ has five other nominations, including Best Actor and Best Film. Photo: Courtesy Amazon Studios. Before the big event, we had the opportunity to talk with Michelle Couttolenc and Carlos Cortés , two of the Mexican nominees who shared their feelings a few days before the next Oscar ceremony that will be historic. The origins of his arrival at the project are established as part of a search for ‘something unconventional’ by those in charge of the project. ‘Sound of Metal’ found in Mexico the other members of the team in charge of the sound that led to its consolidation. You cannot miss: Reasons why the Oscars will be a historic ceremony The film expresses from its leading character  mobile phones greece – a drummer – the agony of the process of hearing loss through these sounds that, when combined, offer us empathy for the feelings of the character. According to the renowned audio engineer, the challenge lay there to offer something non-trivial that was not just a filter and was credible, managing to explore and experiment with the available elements. Mexican Oscar nominees mobile phones greece  Carlos Cortés, nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound. mobile phones greece  Courtesy.

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“The main character itself is the sound. There was a lot of emphasis on exploring many things, being very creative, trying things out of the ordinary as you lose your hearing, that’s one of the main factors, ” mobile phones greece he highlighted. For his part, Carlos Cortés -who made the first approach to the sound of the tape- highlighted the process of twelve weeks of work where different creative paths were taken with the opportunity to test various routes and determine at what moments they rhythmically interfered with deafness of the character and thus get as close as possible to what he called an “emotional curve. mobile phones greece ” Where to watch some of the films nominated for the Oscar 2021 via streaming “The challenge was how to conjugate these sounds and make them work properly with the emotional curve mobile phones greece  using them all the time can also be very linear: you have to find out when you can use certain elements and when you can’t, experiencing how it goes developing the narrative line,  list provider National seal Oscar sound The final mix of ‘Sound of Metal’ took place in Mexico in two different studios. Photo: Courtesy. Unlike other productions that finish mixing in studios in other countries, ‘ mobile phones greece Sound of Metal’ makes the difference by having finished editing its sound in Mexico . The process was carried out in two locations, in the study of Carlos Reygadas in Tepoztlán and the final details in a study in Mexico City. “The particularity of this project is that it was done in Mexico. What is very nice is that the sound post-production part was finished in the country, that had not happened in the past, “said Carlos Cortés.

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