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Just think of missing H1 headers in the privacy policy, general terms, and conditions, or on no-index pages. Of course, you also use SEO tools with manual analysis, but manually checking the data is not only important to be able to explain to the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List customer, but also to set the right priorities. 6 parts you can check in website analysis.

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Website Speed One of the parts that can be in the analysis is checking the loading speed. I myself use Webpagetest for this. This tool allows you to select the location and type of device to test the speed. An additional advantage is that you can also easily save all tests and find them later by adding a note to each test. This gives you even better insight into the progress of your speed optimization.

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The printout of such a test shows how fast the page loads and how long the different parts take.
If the website is fast enough, you don’t have to spend much time on it. Even if the scores in Core Web Vitals aren’t very high (which are already way too over-hyped in my opinion). One last tip I want to give is to manually adjust the speed of the test in Webpagetest to 3G Fast and a mobile browser emulator.

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