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On the other hand, there is the sale of tickets for shows that occupy a prominent place in this ranking, occupying second place. In the first places, the fashion sector stands out. Although it is important to note that in other countries this market is not very relevant when it comes to Internet sales. The consumer cannot be left aside , since they spend more and more on online shopping . This is between $31 and $75 for 31% of e-consumers, and increasing a little more for 27% who spend between $76 and $230. Undoubtedly, these figures are the ones that show why Mexico ranks second in Latin America.

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Factors of the increase of Mexican buyers in ecommerce Factors of the increase of Mexican buyers in ecommerce Surely you are wondering how the number of Mexican buyers in ecommerce has increase in a few years. It turns out that there are several factors according to the AMVO that produce the increase in online sales . Some of the elements Russia Phone Number List that promote this new way of buying in the Aztec country are: The border with the United States that encourages the inhabitants of northern Mexico to make more purchases of different categories. Low inflation and greater stability in the labor market . This has made Mexican ecommerce buyers feel more confident when buying.

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Advances in democratization in digital media . The north of Mexico is the one with the most income and connection facilities, which gives it an advantage over other regions. Consumers have the opportunity to buy more products . This thanks to List Provider memberships such as Amazon Prime, in which many national and international shipping costs are free. Policies for the benefit of both consumers and businesses. An example of this is the Mexican Standard, which aims to promote a safer online environment for everyone. Greater demand for companies that are born and join the digital world to offer their products and services.

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