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These would be some of the winners according to the experts

Next Sunday, April 25, one of the most historic Oscars ceremonies will take place . Being one of the most important awards in the film industry, critics and specialists already have, according to their consideration calling german mobile numbers , their favorites for the different categories that make up the award. According to the Gold Derby portal – a page that brings together collaborators from different specialized film media – the names of the winners are already on the table  calling german mobile numbers just a few days before the delivery that will take place in the city of Los Angeles. Although nothing is written yet, it is expected that this edition will bring not one, but several surprises among the winners in the most anticipated categories such as Best Film, Best Director or in the shortlist of Best Actor and Best Actress  calling german mobile numbers . If you haven’t made your pool yet, these predictions will help you make a decision.

You can also read: Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture Oscar 2021: Reasons why it will be a historic ceremony Oscar winners ‘Namaland’ calling german mobile numbers  is shaping up to be the favorite. Photo: Courtesy Searchlight Studios. In the case of Best Picture , experts suggest that the winner of the Oscar will be ‘Namaland’ . Above the other seven nominated films, this nostalgic film is shaping up to win several statuettes in the most important categories. calling german mobile numbers  This is clear to the experts, who also put their director Chloé Zhao victorious in the category for Best Director . If this is a reality, ‘Nomadland’ will make history at the awards, achieving for the first time that a woman – and of Asian origin – wins this category in the time the awards have been held. Do not miss:Where to watch some of the films nominated for the Oscar calling german mobile numbers via streaming Viola Davis Oscar Winners Viola Davis showed a great performance in ‘The Mother of the Blues’, the original Netflix film.

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Courtesy Netflix. In the case of other categories such as Best Actress , calling german mobile numbers  the trends are divided before the group of talented actresses that make up the shortlist. Despite this, experts believe that the one who could win the Oscar would be the actress Viola Davis for her performance in ‘The Queen of the Blues’ calling german mobile numbers . We have previously seen how the Academy has followed the trend of awarding actresses in biographical roles such as Davis this year. Closely followed by Carey Mulligan with her surprising performance on ‘Promising Young Woman’ and list provider  Frances McDormand on ‘Nomadland’. Chadwick Boseman Oscar Winners  calling german mobile numbers ‘The Queen of the Blues’ was one of the last appearances in Chadwich Boseman’s life before his surprise death. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. In the case of the Best Male Actor category , everything indicates  calling german mobile numbers that the experts will agree on what was a posthumous Oscar . Most affirm that Chadwick Boseman will have the statuette for his participation in ‘The Queen of the Blues’, one of his last appearances in life for Netflix. These are just a few of the experts’ predictions.  calling german mobile numbers Next Sunday we will know the results at the Oscars 2021, a ceremony that will be written for posterity to take place in the middle of a pandemic.

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