There are still many challenges that companies face to take advantage of Big Data

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There are still many challenges that companies face to take advantage of Big Data

Companies have notably improved in capturing data, although they still have problems when it comes to relating this information to specific customer profiles, and even worse, when it comes to anticipating the purchasing behavior of their customers.

As data from Neustar and DigiDay shows, 77% of marketers said they have improved dramatically at storing customer data. Likewise, 57% affirm that, although this capture is more effective than the previous year, it is still difficult for half of them to attribute this information to customers, while a third confess their limitations when it comes to predicting customer habits. purchase from your customers.

On the other hand, the quality of the Morocco Mobile Database compilation of this information is not as good as one might expect. 48% of the study participants regret that their data is not entirely useful to successfully apply their strategy.Morocco Mobile Database

Despite the fact that half of the respondents have improved remarkably in the quantity and quality of the data collected, they are still satisfied with the application of the most basic data. Thus, 74% use location when designing their actions, while 73% take demographics into account. In contrast, only half of these companies implement information related to their personal tastes and preferences, as well as values ​​or attitudes. Data that would significantly improve the user experience.

The Big Data revolution is consolidated, although there is still much to improve. The report indicates that 25% of the professionals who participated in the study are not able to combine the information received from the different channels; nor to apply said information in an integrated way.

According to their conclusions, 86% of companies suspect that Brother Cell Phone List this data may be inaccurate and even erroneous. 44% consider that the loss of information or having incomplete data makes their work very difficult. For their part, 41% fear that the data with which they have to work is already out of date.

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