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Also read: Online marketing & Namibia Phone Number elections: your choices are not your choices The emphasis on selective online promotion gives small parties a better chance of attracting the attention of voters. This can increase the chance that they will be voted on and thus increase the fragmentation in parliament. Election sign in the Netherlands. Organic reach via social media limited There is Namibia Phone Number another route to reach the voter through the use of social media. Messages can be posted via a party’s own account that are intended to get the attention of voters. Such an approach is in fact the typical use of those media and it is free. But even if you have a lot of followers, the data companies use algorithms that determine which Namibia Phone Number message ends up with whom.

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As a result, parties do not reach Namibia Phone Number all followers. One party has no influence on that. And the range along this road is often rather limited. Such a message therefore only reaches people who were already consciously following that party. Trump has already proven that the cunning use of a medium like Twitter can create a bubble among the regular followers. It can make Namibia Phone Number them deaf to other sounds. In short, using digital media can yield surprising results. It will mainly depend on who knows how to use these media optimally. How do we reach all voters, without selectivity and manipulation? The use of digital resources now comes in handy because of the pandemic. But I must also note that it is very unclear in terms of range and operation.

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And by ‘reach’ I mean without selectivity or Namibia Phone Number manipulation, and then also all voters ! It is a safe environment within the public internet. This also makes it Namibia Phone Number possible to vote securely online and not just once every four years. Politicians may not be very sorry about this, because they have unfortunately shown that they have little understanding of this digital epidemic and its influence on society .

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