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If you have in mind to start your own business, this is the perfect time and from the comfort of your home. Meet the new media mix THE new media mix: Videoconferencing Now it is vital that you know what the new media mix is ​​to work within the framework of home-driven marketing. These will be the allies of your business or brand, you just have to identify which one is the right one for your strategy. But if you have doubts, pay attention to the series of options that you will find below: Voice assistants : This tool is one of the factors in the acceleration of the HDM.

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They are designe to be use in a special way in the home, breaking the final line between being connecte and not connecte. Videoconferencing with artificial intelligence: In this case, it is something much more advance than what Facebook already Hungary Phone Number List launche in 2019. Last year, this social network opte for the world of videoconferencing. This would represent another additional on-off connector that would make you live a science fiction movie experience inside your home. Virtual or augmente reality: It seems like a joke, but we are in a world that is constantly evolving and we must move forward in its footsteps.

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And why not use virtual or augmente reality as part of the HDM strategy? This begins to offer solid experiences to many consumers. Future social macro trends Future social macro trends Perhaps it is necessary to go deeper into this matter List Provider to make everything clearer. The years have shown that the digital world is expanding more and more and offers new forms of use. But will this continue? The safest thing is that yes, and there are statements that support it. For this reason, two social macro-trends are expecte in the coming decades, which you will learn about below.

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