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Density of life in cities: According to the Unite Nations Organization (UN), 68% of the population will live in cities in 2050. This could generate more efficiency in business models that are aime at home-driven marketing. The individual as an autonomous producer of services: They also establish that 30% of the labor force in the central countries are self-employe or their employment depends on a self-employe person. Which means that most of that work is done at home. Couple with the trend of total or partial teleworking for employees, it will make the business models promote by the HDM more efficient.

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Changes in the post-confinement stage Changes in the post-confinement stage It is to be expecte that companies and businesses take a 360-degree turn in the post-confinement stage. Not all sectors will have the same fate of being fully Iceland Phone Number List restore. But it is clear that others will make the most of home-driven marketing to continue their activities. According to the study of the ” third wave ” of the I Barometer , 64% of those surveye foresee a direct impact of safety and hygiene measures. This would apply especially in sectors such as physical retail, travel or entertainment and culture in public spaces.

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On the other hand, 45% see an increase in entrepreneurs and the emergence of new business models . While 35% think that the establishment List Provider of a global consciousness will change the way people work and relate. They believe that these activities will no longer be face-to-face and will not require so many resources. Specialists consider that the following sectors are the ones that will best face the impact of Covid-19 and will recover in less than six months: Entertainment base on streaming (88%), Health and Pharmacy (88%), Distribution and Mass Consumption ( 84%), Telecommunications (81%) and Technology & IT.

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