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But also by manually viewing the indexed pages in Google with the search operator ( refined search ): This allows you to see which pages are indexed and whether there are pages that don’t really Brazil WhatsApp Number List need to be indexed at all. Even though this way of checking is not 100% foolproof, using Google Search Operators is an extremely useful way to find any problems.

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What I look at is the number of pages and whether that gives an indication of the size of the website. Whether tags are indexes archives, old dates. Thank you pages, author archives, FAQ questions, and all kinds of pages automatically created by WordPress plugins and indexed by them. By the way, another quick way to spot indexing issues is to simply view the website’s XML sitemaps.

Brazil WhatsApp Number List
Brazil WhatsApp Number List

For example, frank watching com sitemap xml. If that is not the correct URL, you can always check the robots.txt to see. The URL of the XML sitemap can be fou there. If you don’t solve indexation problems before you optimize or add the content, then you are not being smart..

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