The Semifinals Canada Phone Number Beat the Final

Therefore, semifinals beat the final in number of tweets interestingly.the largest number of original content , that is tweets , did not occur on the day of the final, but during the semi-finals . On the 13th, at 12:29 , just with the final whistle of the spain-australia match, 676 tweets were published . The tension of the even match, which was sealed, Canada phone number after two extensions, with victory for the spanish basketball team, was reflected on twitter. Between 12:00 and 13:00, we find the golden hour, with 9,840 tweets . Basketball world cup 2019 on twitter however, the flood of shared content came on the day of the final .

Therefore, be more exact, at 15:58 , with scariolo’s men already converted into basketball world champions, we find the golden minute of retweets . At the same time the final whistle sounded, users shared 3,770 posts . The repercussion Canada phone number of the meeting was immediate and, between 4:00 p.M. Therefore, 5:00 p.M., almost 65,000 retweets were made . The most engaged posts from fibawc2019 like any great event, the basketball world cup has had official hashtags , #fibawc and #worldgotgame , which fiba ​​itself and the accounts of the different teams have been in charge of disseminating.

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In addition, the international basketball federation created an official label for each team for the occasion. In turn, the teams themselves used their own hashtags to encourage their players. Thanks to monitoring on twitter, we verified that the majority of users, who have published about the competition, did so using the official Canada phone number hashtag #fibawc . Therefore, was used in 455,242 publications . Other of the most used labels have been #fibawc2019 , with 84,805 occurrences; #lafamilia , the label of the spanish basketball team, which has been included on 48,982 occasions; and #worldgotgame , the second of the official fiba ​​hashtags , which we found in 23,148 posts.

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Therefore, world cup 2019 on twitter spain, argentina and the usa, the leading teams the final disputed between the national teams of spain and argentina, as well as the surprising elimination of the united states against france, have Canada phone number dominated much of the conversation around the basketball world cup. From the categorization of the content on the fiba ​​world cup, in the 32 participating teams, we find that the spanish basketball team has won the gold medal for conversations on twitter, starring in 36,607 tweets . The silver of this particular ranking of leading teams.

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Therefore, to the albiceleste team . With 20,886 publications. And the bronze . The tweeters have awarded it to the american team . Which has finished the competition in the worst position in its history seventh. Fibawc basketball teams the most. Engaged tweets as we have been verifying. Throughout this post. The semifinals and the Canada phone number final of. Therefore, fibawc have had the prominence of the competition on twitter. Therefore. It is not surprising. That the publications with the most engagement ( likes and retweets ). Have to do with those moments. Engagement on twitter fibawc as for the most successful publications. We find the one made from the official account of the spanish basketball team. Her tweet of him racks up 32,399 retweets and 52,440 likes .

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