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Keep in mind that the fact that your child needs speech therapy is not serious. what is serious is that if they need therapy. it is not carried out. as it will make subsequent learning even more difficult. The child has a low hearing level. Hearing less or not adequately discriminating the sounds of language. That the parents do not name him or the objects by his name or allow him to communicate with gestures or do not encourage him to pronounce better. That in the minor the soft diet is prolonged and. therefore. he does not have the ability to handle the jaw. Do not interact with the child. Always watch television. Therefore. we could say that speech therapy is the science that tries to make a diagnosis as well as a recovery of disorders related to communication and human expression.

The best known are language delays. stuttering. hearing impairment. autism. among many others. There are different pathologies that are treated by speech therapists . The most common problems treated by speech therapy professionals are. These include both delays and dysphasias in language acquisition. In this way. speech therapists act on the physical and psychological mechanisms that allow us to acquire language
Speech therapy also treats those problems that are related to both the articulation and reproduction of essential sounds to be able to speak a language. Among them we can find pathologies such as dysatrias. dyslalias or dysglosias.

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Another of the fundamental parts that speech Japan Phone Number focus on are those problems related to reading and writing. So much so that among the functions of a speech therapist there is treating both dyslexia and dyglossia.  Language is not just pronouncing a series of words one after another. The reality is that many people have trouble communicating abstract concepts like ideas and feelings. The pathologies related to this are those of the specific language disorder . dyslexia as well as aphasia. The most common problems treated by speech therapists 5. One of the most well-known problems that speech therapists treat is stuttering.

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In addition to this language disorder. there are other different problems related to the fluency of speech that speech therapists work with. The act of chewing or performing both swallowing and sucking involves many more muscles than we might imagine at first glance. So much so that these acts involve both the mouth. the pharynx and the esophagus. The functions of the speech therapist in these cases is to examine the process to detect what can go wrong. 7. HEARING PROBLEMS The speech therapist helps the deaf person or person with hearing problems in the phonological. lexical. morphosyntactic and pragmatic development of the language so that there is communication. and this is as normal as possible.

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To do this. they use different working methods. methods that combine the use of residual hearing. amplified with hearing aids. with lip-facial reading or sign language. They also work on key aspects such as motivation. frustration. self-concept and self-esteem in these cases. As we can see. the work of these professionals goes further. since they must also include the emotional problems that derive from deafness. Both a children’s speech therapist and a speech therapist for adults treat mental or physical deficiencies to try to adapt patients to the current rhythm of our society. Among the pathologies that they treat the most are patients with cerebral palsy. autism. with communication problems due to syndromes. Parkinson’s. among others.

Each person or each child is different. therefore there are individual differences in language acquisition . Despite this. when we see signs that there are some deficiencies in the language. Or some disorder that accompanies them. It is time to go to a speech therapist. In addition. not only children need speech therapist work to develop everything related to language. Many times adults can also require them. Here are some clues that can help you decide if your child needs to see a speech therapist based on their age. From 0 to 4 months of age The baby does not make sounds. Does not smile or maintain eye contact. Does not react to sound or voice. It doesn’t suck well.

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