The next step is to determine ad profitability. It doesn’t make sense to get 2,000 customers from advertising if the cost of acquiring 2,000 customers is so high that you end up losing money. So if your $240 order has a 40% profit Nepal WhatsApp Number List means your profit per order is about $96, excluding advertising costs. Now that you know your profit margin, your PPC management team needs to keep the cost per acquisition (CPA) below $96 to be profitable. With all of this in mind, you can start creating and monitoring campaigns that target keywords with sufficient search volume and attract the right amount of customers.

A Successful Pp Strategy

Understand Google PPC Insight & Structure Be aware of Google’s recommended ad changes for better performance, but be wary of blindly following them. Your PPC goals are often very different from Google’s goals. While you Nepal WhatsApp Number List better ad performance and more sales, Google wants you to spend more. Don’t get me wrong, Google provides valuable performance data about your campaigns and can provide keywords to target, bid strategy changes, and more. Be sure to understand the proposed changes before clicking Approve.

Nepal WhatsApp Number List

From Start To Finish

Once you’ve completed your initial PPC account setup, you can start optimizing and building your ad campaigns for success. Remember the following points: Keywords : Test various keywords and keyword matching Nepal WhatsApp Number List monitor closely. This includes broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords. Be sure to include negative keywords to ensure your ad dollars aren’t wast on useless phrases. After a period of time, revisit keywords to see how they perform. Quickly remove gold takers and increase bids for winners.