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Although this content does not have clicks or calls to action generated directly to the website. But it can create engagement, likes, word-of-mouth and tagging people we love during the festive season as well. 1.2 Video content Video or animation is a conten. whether it is in the form of a long video or short video clips, so if marketers are looking for a video content format that will help promote online sales Short videos on different social platforms should be considered to showcase your audience.

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With an emphasis on creativity unique presentation ideas and creating a clear message for people to click to the website Examples of short video content on TikTok video player 00:00 00:15 Examples of video content from New Balance shoes that Slovenia Phone Number present real-. Create a short but concise caption, as well as a clear Shop Now button to make it easy to click. Example Call to Action on TikTok Example Call to Action on TikTok 1.3 Longform content, online articles Although marketing that focuses on online shopping may not be as focused on article creation as it is. Because Longform content focuses on reading. taking time to understand But if any brand has its own website and has a blog to present articles in it.

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It will help customers who come to buy our products and services. have a better knowledge of our products Spend more time with us on our website and get more conversions from reading those content. whether to share and expressing opinions to List Provider exchange views on the article Or that topic, which will have a good impact on SEO as well Longform content, online articles 1.4 Audio content photo from eMarketer In fact, making audio content is not a brand new promotion. But in that digital age We can do more marketing in new channels.

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