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Tool that makes it easy to sell and advertise on Instagram. By posting products and services through our Business account. Which is similar to posting photos and. Videos through Including posting to Instagram Posting products through. The profile page can be done by clicking on the “Shop” button. Which is a tab below the profile details and highlights. Picture from: Instagram 3.3 TikTok TikTok is a marketing strategy. That uses short videos as the main medium of communication, draws attention, connects to a business’ sales channels, and allows people to reach out.  On this application It will be special and different from other platforms by presenting as a short. Video medium that can present. A business image. Concise, creative and memorable at the same time.

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Data Marketing Doing business online has no theory. or which strategy is fixed Because the target groups in marketing are different and the products and services of each brand have unique features in their own way. The important thing to drive  to move Tunisia Phone Number forward in the future is to know the customer identity. which needs access And understand customer problems is to have information in hand. by these information Each brand is different, so doing data marketing can reach customers in depth about what they want. What kind of behavior do you have now.

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This will allow marketers to present their products. And develop products that help solve problems for customers. both in terms of target audience analysis or marketing Personalization Therefore, traditional marketing may not meet the needs of consumers in List Provider the digital age. who need sensitivity and have more expectations in the brand than in the past which marketers will be able to understand the reason needs and behaviors of customers. You must know how to use the information. and appropriate tools Effective content can help drive success.

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