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The duplicate rate in a database can reach as high as 20%-30%. Poor marketing data costs u.s. Businesses $611 billion per year. When you have frequent duplicates in your hubspot database. You may inadvertently send multiple marketing messages to the same person. Your campaigns may pull important campaign data for personalization from the wrong customer record. Killing your conversion rates and burning through your ad spend. Additionally.

Also contain other non-matching data. Sometimes partial duplicates are created by human error — when a customer or member of your team enters information by hand. Someone may inadvertently create a new record for a prospect. Customer. Or company that is already contained in your hubspot or other marketing databases. Many partial duplicates start out as carbon copy duplicates. Let’s say you have a customer record in your database that is copied in full during the importing process. You now have two records for that customer.

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As you collect more data Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists about that customer. Only one of the two records gets updated. You may inadvertently add new data to each record. Causing the two records to diverge farther from one another over time. Understanding duplicate data is a solid first step. But to truly understand its impact. You have to have an understanding of the real-world problems that duplicate data creates. 1. Wasted marketing budget duplicate data wastes your marketing budget. In some cases.

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

Your marketing teams will have to spend time dealing with duplicate data when they should be focusing on more important. Big-picture strategies. It can take hours to sift through long microsoft excel spreadsheets and use complicated formulas to identify and merge or remove duplicate records. Even then. You are likely to accidentally delete important data. Editing data by hand is a time-consuming task. Often taking days or weeks in large databases.

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No single customer view impact-article-images source. Bizibl a single customer view is critical. And its benefits reverberate throughout your organization as a whole. In modern marketing systems. Marketing. Sales. And customer support teams all end up sharing the same data. Most companies have the goal of tracking every interaction that they have with a customer throughout their engagement with the company. That means the customer records that your marketing teams used to walk your prospects through the buying cycle are the same records that your customer success team uses.

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