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Perhaps completing an seo analysis could be useful to boost traffic. Or. Perhaps internal links are broken. Maybe it contains content that people are not as interested in. Without page view data. Such evaluations would be more difficult. What is page sessions? By contrast. Page sessions offers more information about a visitor’s actual interaction with the site. The most immediate difference is that page sessions conveys the amount of time a user spent on any given page.

Some people reload the page. Page views does not differentiate. Page views was the metric for years. But as analytics have gotten more sophisticated and detailed. There are new tools out there. But page views is still vital data. An easily-digestible review of which pages are attracting attention can be rather useful. For instance. If you can see that a certain page is generating a profusion of views. That would be a good location to place a clickable link.

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Page views gives you that. By contrast. If a certain page is not being loaded often. A call-to-action (cta). Or Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists another piece of interactive content. If a particular page is viewed frequently. You can infer that that page’s seo is excellent and that its content is stellar. Such knowledge can help you plan your future content creation efforts. Page views are a way to know where your traffic is — especially where people land on your site. To put it another way. Sometimes you just need to find the busiest street so you know where to put your sign.

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Put simply. Sessions data gives you a better idea of the user’s journey. You can see how she arrived. Where he navigated. Or how much time someone spent on the site. You can see at what point people engaged with the content. If they did. We can know which content our visitors are most interested in. Behavior-flow-sessions-2 we know their path through the site. If they fell off. We know where it happened.

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This metric. However. Does not take into account visits made by the same person or how many times that person refreshes a page. Session information is invaluable for sites with a very clear user flow plan. You can clearly see how the planned behavior for a user compares to the actual behavior. In these ways. Analysis of page sessions is a more holistic interpretation of what’s actually happening on your site. This can help you evaluate internal links.

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