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Https-google-analytics-security if this setting is pointing to http and not https. You are only gathering data from people clicking links or manually entering http into the address bar. again. This is a bad thing. If anyone on the internet is linking to your site via a http url. Only the redirect is being counted. Which means all of the organic traffic you are getting from google isn’t being tracked accurately. You only care about the pages users are going to with the correct protocol. You’ll find that by changing this setting. Your overall traffic numbers will change.

You don’t have to wait. You’re already ready to stalk your website visitors across the internet. While you’re in there make sure your google search console and google ads accounts are linked. This lets you view google search console data within google analytics — all your numbers will be under one roof — and also lets you make use of that remarketing tag we were just talking about within google ads. With all of that done. Congratulations! You just made a giant step into making sure your data is clean. Addressing these items should give you a significant accuracy improvement.

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So In the view settings panel. You have control over your site’s security protocols. But we’re not CFO Email List done just yet… Https security protocols are a critical seo variable a few of you might be saying at this point. “i already have that. My whole site redirects from to automatically.” (if not. This article about ssl certificates and seo is for you.) that’s all fine and dandy. But there is a chance that’s not what you’re tracking in google analytics.

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This can be for the better or worse — fewer or more sessions — but regardless of what happens you will now have a better representation of the real sessions you are getting on your site. Goals. What you want your users to do now that our settings are in tip-top shape. It’s time to “potty train” google analytics by teaching it what we care about. We do that by setting goals. If you’re using hubspot or another crm to capture lead and contact data.

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You know which goals (conversion actions) are valuable to your brand. This could be form fills like a contact us or request a demo — or. For you e-commerce folks. It’s purchases made on your site. There could be a lot more things you want to track as well. Such as an “add to cart” goal or a video view. The point is. You know what actions you want users to take in order to give you their business. Google analytics. However. Has no idea what actions you want visitors to take…

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