The importance of the conversion funnel

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The importance of the conversion funnel

Anyone with minimal knowledge of the business world has ever heard the term “conversion funnel.” It is a key concept in the world of digital marketing, and not only for online businesses . In this article I will show you the different stages of the China Mobile Database conversion funnel as well as its different uses.
What is the conversion funnel?

It is an online marketing term directly related to the achievement of the objectives set by companies. The funnel determines the different steps that users will take to make a conversion, whether it is buying a product or submitting a form. Also, taking into account that of all the users who enter a website, very few will eventually convert, the funnel name comes in handy. Each step is narrower than the previous one, so we will have to try to widen it, right?
How many steps does the purchase funnel have?

There are many ways to see the conversion funnel when we talk about its stages and steps, I like to divide it into three phases, which I will detail below:

TOFU: This is the top of the funnel, Top of the funnel. At this point we have a large number of users, attracted to our website through the content prepared on our website. You cannot launch any offers or actions at this point, as the audience will be too mixed.
MOFU: Middel of the funnel. Users of our website already know what they need and reach this second stage of the funnel. It is important to be clear about the needs of your buyer persona, then I will talk about them, to be able to offer them what they need. At this point it is advisable to offer higher quality content in exchange for information, that is, we are looking for a lead.China Mobile Database
BUFU: bottom of the funnel: the narrowest part of the funnel, the one that closes the sales cycle. At this point we will only have users who are really interested in our products or services.

Being clear about the different steps your users have to follow to make a purchase or a contract, it will be easier to offer them what they need. An example of a conversion funnel for an online store would be: Access the web> go to the store section> see a product> add a product to the cart> different stages of checkout> purchase.
What is the buyer person?

It is a term that is very fashionable in recent years in the world of digital marketing. It is about making a representation of our final or potential consumer . Such representation is built with demographic, personal, professional, needs, and behavioral information.

Below I show a possible example. It’s about giving a brushstroke to our target user, not defining it 100%. I’m sure you can identify the example shown with someone you know:

Buyer person 1 : José works in a digital marketing agency in Madrid, in an intermediate position. He is in charge of managing the strategy of several companies and has weight to make decisions both in his company and in his projects. He is 26 years old and has spent almost his entire professional life linked to the digital world. He has a master’s degree in digital marketing and a postgraduate degree in web usability. Study constantly, reading blogs, attending talks … to be updated in your sector.

Putting together both terms, buyer persona and conversion funnel, will be necessary to achieve the objectives set . After all, if we know who we are looking for, we do know what they are looking for, we know what we have to offer.
What can the development of a conversion funnel help us with?

There are many things that we can improve or learn thanks to the implementation of this concept:

When do users fall out of the funnel? : if we have an online store and we see that we lose many users on the checkout page, it may indicate that this page is not well designed or that the process is too complex.
Detect errors and areas for improvement : we continue with the previous point. The same is necessary to change the payment gateway, put it inside the web instead of sending it to an external web, or perhaps we have to make it easier for users.
Greater efficiency : with the Brother Cell Phone List passage of time we will realize that it is likely that by making an extra effort in some of the stages of the process, encouraging buying, encouraging filling in a form, we can considerably increase our conversions.

The importance of the conversion funnel is beyond doubt, especially if we combine it with the creation of buyer personas, to make it more efficient . It is not designed only for online stores, as many people think, if you have a web page and some conversion marked, call, form … a funnel will help you grow.

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