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The government won the battle for the name Patagonia

La Patagonia is a large area of Chile and Argentina, of immense wealth in its flora and fauna, a tourist area par excellence and a flagship brand geographically belonging to the two countries. For this reason, the fact that the American textile company, Patagonia Inc , had the Canada Phone Number List Database domain on the Internet, was more than a stone in the shoe for Chile .

But, the dispute ended well. The national government managed to get the company to withdraw the domain from the network. This was reported in a statement issued by Direcon (General Directorate of International Economic Relations), noting that on July 10, the company abandoned the idea of ​​maintaining the “Punto Patagonia” site, which had been requested the previous year from ICANN (Corporación de Internet for Assignment of Names and Numbers)

El principal argumento para obtener el triunfo se refiere, según señala la agencia EFE, a que con ese nombre no sólo se designa a un territorio específico, sino que identifica además a un segmento de la ciudadanía que no debe utilizarse para fines comerciales, salvo los que apelen al turismo de la región. Jorge Atton, subsecretario nacional de Telecomunicaciones, señaló que la noticia es altamente benéfica para el país, ya que “ratifica la defensa de nuestra identidad geográfica y confirma nuestra soberanía en materias de Internet”.

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It also emerged that there is some concern about similar situations in other latitudes. That is, companies that use trademarks associated with different geographical regions or historical names that belong to the cultural heritage of the peoples. Some of the names that are requested and therefore under discussion are: “Amazon” (Brazil); “Thai” (Thailand), “Vin” and “Wine” (EU) “Persiangulf” (United Arab Emirates) and “Zulu” (Africa).

Globalization has a number of advantages, but it also creates the possibility of exceeding limits. That is why regulation is necessary, so that Phone Number List everything continues to progress successfully in terms of communication, as it has been up to now. It was not reported when they will download the site, which conveniently says: “now, sending to Chile.”

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