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Therefore, from NLP they tell us that we must be aware of the reactions of others to see if our message has been successful. This can actually lead to serious difficulties when crafting a message, since focusing on reactions or being alert to possible consequences is not something that will add quality to communication. BENEATH EVERY BEHAVIOR IS A POSITIVE INTENTION. In an addiction or bad behavior there is always a positive intention, therefore finding the root of that problem and externalizing the positive intention, you can go from smoking for 15 years to not having that need. IF WHAT YOU’RE DOING ISN’T WORKING, DO SOMETHING ELSE.

If you try one way to approach a problem and don’t get the results you expected, try something different, and keep varying your behavior until you get the answer you were looking for. There is in NLP, the process of modeling excellence. If you want to get an article published, for example, you could look at someone who is brilliant at writing and imitate the way he does it. In this way, you will be soaking up valuable knowledge. The first step out of these obsessive, looping thoughts is to recognize that solutions do exist to turn this negativity into something positive. Once you accept it, you can follow these 15 tips to overcome depression.

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Instead of constantly convincing yourself Germany Phone Number everything that happens to you is bad and everything you do is useless, consider your other options. There is always a plan B and a lotus flower growing in the mud. For example, if you have tried “everything” to achieve your personal goals, perhaps it is because you have not learned to identify opportunities in failures. STAND UP AND WALK To get out of a depression you need to be active doing some productive activity . And while it’s hard to find motivation in such intense sadness, getting out of bed and doing everyday tasks can help you lift your spirits and feel more empowered.

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TODAY IS NOT TOMORROW That your state of mind, your emotions and your thoughts are not the best today, does not mean that this will be your reality tomorrow. You may not have been able to reach your goals yet, but opportunities could come in the near future if you keep trying with hope and faith. get over depression DISTRACT YOURSELF Try to do your best to keep your mind occupied with productive things or activities that you enjoy in order to avoid disturbing thoughts as much as possible. Let’s remember that obsessive thoughts will be your worst enemy when you go through a depressive picture.

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Play with your children or your pet, practice your favorite sport, exercise, read a book… In short, do anything that allows you to have fun without fear or worry. LOVE YOURSELF This is one of the best tips to overcome a depression ; and it is that this disorder many times germinates from the lack of self-esteem. The key to self-treatment is to be open with yourself, accept yourself and love yourself above all things. BE TOLERANT WITH YOU Do not feel guilty for being depressed. Nor do you live recriminating yourself for the consequences of your actions or your decisions.

Focus your attention on the successes you have cultivated. And the learning you have acquired as a result of your failures. ” The negative and irrational voice in your head can easily dissuade you from doing anything that will lift your mood. Therefore, one of our best tips to overcome depression is to learn to recognize. That this disorder is tempting you to suffer a the opposite of what it tells you. Making a to- do list can be very tedious and you will surely end up opting to do nothing. So why not set one or two small goals? The effect will be much better. Don’t clean the house, but take out the garbage.

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