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Design a unique and personal shopping experience based on technology . The conquest of social networks to create an aspirational brand . the parades broadcast live and the customization of products via the internet are just some of the many innovations launched by the brand. Create a revised version of the brand’s products without forgetting the tradition . A house with as much history as Burberry could not. nor did it want. to forget its essence. The characteristic paintings are still there. as well as the trench coats and other signs of identity. However. it has become a trend-setting brand that appeals to new generations of luxury buyers.

Design brand values adapted to new consumers . Innovation has always been one of the values of this brand. not in vain its founder. Thomas Burberry. collaborated with the influencers of the Victorian era. explorers and adventurers to make their garments known. Today. Burberry continues to keep its tradition intact. but they have taken the value of innovation to the stratospheric level. with careful campaigns and tons of content aimed at satisfying fashion victims around the world. None of the decisions. intuitions and hunches of this intelligent woman was by chance.

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Rather. it was the result of a careful strategy Lebanon phone number achieve a clear goal: to bring a 120-year-old brand into the 21st century with the Internet. img-semblog Steps to create a corporate communication strategy Many of the aspects that we have seen in Burberry can be applied to a corporate communication strategy for much more modest companies. The business strategy will define the main lines that the marketing or communication department must then put into practice for an adequate brand positioning. Aren’t you a brand like Burberry. Nike or Uber? Calm down. I know it well. I work with small and medium-sized companies that have the same problems as large ones at all levels. including the marketing plan. They simply have less budget.

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The steps to follow are just as effective. you just have to have a little more imagination. effort and dedication to achieve good results. Start by asking yourself these fundamental questions about your business: What is my message? Your message is the epicenter of your online communication strategy. Everything else will lead you to transmit this unique message. For example. Google wants to give you the best answers to your questions. Adobe wants you to explore your creativity. and Volvo wants you to drive safely. You can only succeed with your communication strategy when it is solid and well grounded (like a Roman legion. remember?) and you can only achieve it if your message is clear.

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Remember this Apple ad? I did. I had that model of Mac in 1999 and it was very cool! The agency he worked for bought a lot of those models for his employees and sure enough. we didn’t look like geeks working on the internet. but cool people doing innovative things. Research your competition if you want a unique message Your message has to be unique. of course. That is why you should investigate which one is your competition. My favorite tool when designing an online communication strategy. the first one I open in the morning and the last one I close by the end of my day is Semrush. Studying the competition is the first step to making your message unique. but if you don’t know who they are. you have a hard time. Use Semrush’s Market Explorer tool.

It will help you identify those companies that you compete against in your niche and those that you may have overlooked. In addition. you will be able to see in a growth quadrant who are the leaders of your market and in what position you are placed in front of them. Who is my target audience? Your target audience is the set of people you want to reach with your message. It is one of the most important steps when defining your communication strategy. No matter how powerful your message is. if you direct it to the wrong person. you will not achieve your goals. How to find your target audience Angela was clear at the time that she had to find her target audience.

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