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Consumers can opt out of their data being sold. And businesses can’t retaliate by changing the price or level of service. Businesses can. However. He federal laws could incorporate some or all of these california-based regulations. But until they do. Companies will be forced to adapt their policies based on user location.

Time for congress to act and ensure that consumers are not faced with confusion about their rights and protections based on a patchwork of inconsistent state laws. Further. As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly fragmented and more complex.

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Other states will create COO Email List similar (but potentially different) regulations to the bill california passed last year. California’s bill. Which goes into effect on january 1. 2020. Includes the following requirements. Businesses must disclose what information they collect. What business purpose they do so for and any third parties they share that data with.

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The us could also look to gdpr standards as an influence on writing our own data privacy laws. The potential impact on businesses it would be simpler for businesses to comply with and understand a single federal set of rules rather than a potential patchwork of state laws. Many businesses in the us have voluntarily educated themselves on gdpr and met requirements. But there certainly are plenty of businesses across the us that do not understand or follow these data privacy regulations. So. If the us were to pass a law.

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There would need to be widespread education and resources for businesses to understand any law. As well as a lengthy roll-out period. The potential impact on consumers us consumers need some federal guidelines. Gdpr went into effect a year and a half ago. And the us doesn’t even have legislation on the horizon.

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