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The 4 V’s of Big Data in Digital Marketing

Big Data, that set of huge amounts of data and information that is constantly generated in our environment, can cease to be a shapeless and disjointed mass, constituting an inexhaustible source of ideas, trends and resources. For this, it is necessary to know Poland Mobile Database how it works, and work to fully unravel its mysteries. In the first place, it is convenient to immerse ourselves within this framework, in order to find out what it is really made of, the possibilities it offers, and how we can take advantage of it.

In this way, we find the 4 V’s of Big Data , the 4 pillars that support its reason for being, those 4 gigantic elements that make up a great unit. Thanks to this subdivision, it will be easier for us to know and take advantage of the data you provide us. Poland Mobile Database

Thus, the 4 dimensions of Big Data are the following:

Volume. As its name suggests, Big Data brings together large amounts of data. These include from customer identification, gender, age, origin, or the device they use, to behavior on the page. Thus, it is possible to know if it is the first time you visit our site, how often you use us, your browsing history, interests and preferences.

2.3 billion Gigabytes are generated daily. IBM data estimates that the amount of information generated in 2020 will be 300 times more than that recorded in 2005 (40 Zetabytes).

Variety. This information is of various kinds. 500 million tweets are registered per day. Every month, users watch 4 billion hours of video, 30 billion posts are made on Facebook. It is estimated that this year we will have 420 million wearable devices, as well as 6 billion mobile phones.

Quantitative and qualitative data are mixed, from various sources, and around different actions. Hence the need to structure said information and have the appropriate tools to record, analyze and interpret the recorded data.

Velocity. We cannot forget that in the online medium, information occurs at breakneck speed, so we must demonstrate agility and flexibility, in order to react in time to the specific needs of the sector in general, and the client in particular. For this, it will help us to have specific strategies for action in certain situations, as well as techniques that allow us to act with the same speed that the market imposes.

Veracity. Evaluating the precision and real application of the data and conclusions obtained is essential to take advantage of Big Data. 1 in 3 marketers doubt the veracity of the data when making their decisions, while 27% question the accuracy of the information in their hands.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the ability to manage the information from the moment it is registered. In this way, decisions will be made based on immediate reality, being able to respond to a real demand, which at that precise moment is being lived. On the other hand, the Brother Cell Phone List storage of this data for its later evaluation may mean the loss of relevance, and even that the proposed scenario no longer corresponds to reality.

To meet this objective, the treatment and application of Big Data is summarized in 4 fundamental steps: acquire, organize, analyze and decide. 4 phases that happen constantly, and allow to establish an effective system to maximize the use of the valuable information that constantly happens in our environment.

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