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Did you like our article? 5/5 – (1 vote) Facebook gaming Facebook gaming is Mark Zuckerberg’s new commitment to gain a foothold in the gamer streaming industry and reach the public with its video game streaming platform, virtual reality technology and cloud gaming. In fact, Facebook gaming is a video streaming platform focuse on esports. It should not be forgotten that Facebook has include games on its online platform for many years. These are very simple games and are usually multiplayer to share games with contacts on the social network.

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However, this functionality was lagging behind in an emerging industry such as esports . For this reason, Facebook expande its possibilities towards streaming that were only accessible from the web, or in a very limite way through mobile. Until now. The objective of Facebook gaming is to compete with the two giants that monopolize the industry of Netherlands Phone Number List this type of broadcast: YouTube and Twich. To do this, they have improve their services and have already release a downloadable version for smartphones. Do you want to know how Facebook Gaming works? Here you will find all its news. What’s new in Facebook gaming First look at Facebook gaming.

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With the aforemention, it must be made clear that Facebook gaming already existe a couple of years ago. The novelty now is that it is already available List Provider to download on Android devices. Soon, it will also be available on the App Store. In fact, Facebook’s streaming platform arrives much earlier than planne. Possibly the result of seizing the moment to reach out to coope up and bore users during quarantine. By spending more time online, the amount of time spent on social media has also increase considerably. Moreover, according to a report by App Annie , during the first quarter of this year the time spent on social networks and other mobile applications has increase by.

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