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What is facebook creator studio? If you’re not familiar with it. The facebook creator studio app was developed to assist creators in managing their pages and content. With creator studio. You have the ability to track and manage your content across various pages. In one place. This makes reporting for community managers who may be managing multiple pages much more convenient. You can have multiple facebook accounts in one place and report on them without having to log in and out of multiple dashboards.

Still need advice? In cases where you are still struggling to remedy an issue. Or just want a second pair of eyes. There are a couple of places you can seek help. The search console help forum will allow you to ask your question to a community of experts who can provide additional assistance when you think you’ve hit a wall. I also recommend checking out our facebook group. Impact elite. And posting your question. The community contains a variety of marketers and seo folks who are passionate about helping out folks.

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Especially if they went Business Development Directors Email Lists through the same issue. Facebook’s creator studio is incorporating an instagram dashboard! Free course. Fundamentals of social media marketing so. What does this mean for marketers? This means being able to utilize one dashboard to get deeper insights into your data for both facebook and instagram. Let’s take a look at what we know about the facebook creator studio app. Where facebook is forecasting to go with other platforms. What this integration might look like and how you can leverage this to benefit your brand.

Business Development Directors Email Lists

This simplifies the reporting process and gives us all back something that is of the highest importance. Time! The creator studio dashboard was initially set up for just facebook and was split into three sections each with their own capabilities/ functions. The left section. Is where you will find your menu that hosts the various “view” you can toggle through. Don’t worry we have more info on the various views later on. The center section. Allows you to view posts.

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It even has the ability to search through posts by keywords can you say convenient? The right section. Is where you can access post insights. Seeing details like the number of posts you have published. Drafted or scheduled posts. Screen shot 2019-05-02 at 9.44.39 am some of the notable creator studio features are. Inbox view. Which allows users to manage messages and comments directly from creator studio. Content library. Which allows users to sort post types. Dates. Statuses. And more with additional filters. You are even able to view the activity of posts. Loyalty view.

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