Text types and how to write them successfully

We consume texts buy netherlands phone number every day and currently it is one of the forms of communication that we use the most: SMS, emails, chats. The truth is that, historically, written communication has become one of the main ways to understand each other and the best way to deliver clear messages. When dealing with brands and Digital  buy netherlands phone number Marketing , the text takes on another nuance, since it is not the same to write to entertain, than to sell, inform or guide. Here we tell you the existing types of text and how to write them successfully. Table of Contents Descriptive text Expositive text Cientific text Argumentative text Narrative text Literary text Advertising text Instructional text Historical text Legal text Digital text Journalistic text Descriptive text As its name implies, this text seeks to describe an object, person, place or situation. It is totally objective and simply seeks to inform the reader buy netherlands phone number about the main characteristics of the subject. Example: My dog ​​is medium-sized, black in color and has a white

spot on his right ear. He likes to play ball and take naps. Knowing how to briefly and concisely describe the characteristics of your product can help you a lot when it comes to communicating with your customers and buy netherlands phone number writing sections of your website that should be direct. WE RECOMMEND YOU: What are argumentative texts and how to write them successfully? Expositive text The buy netherlands phone number clearest example buy netherlands phone number that you will see of the expository text is in the simple recipes in which only the action that you must do buy netherlands phone number and the ingredient that you must use is mentioned, without going into details, only exposing or demonstrating the action. Example: Pasta recipe Bring two cups of water to a boil. Add salt. When boiling, introduce a handful of pasta. Stir until smooth. Remove from the fire. Strain and serve. The expository text is ideal to buy netherlands phone number demonstrate how easy it is to use your product or service and how it can improve buy netherlands phone number people’s lives in just a few steps. Download our guide to writing SEO content here

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Cientific text It is the one that presents data, reports, graphs and testimonials from expert sources on a specific topic . When using this type of text it is very important that the source is properly cited and that its authority on the subject is verified. Example: According to the World Health buy netherlands phone number Organization , at the end of 2015 there were approximately 325 million people with chronic buy netherlands phone number hepatitis; It is estimated that there are 71 million people in the list provider world with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and that antivirals can cure more than 95% of cases of hepatitis C virus infection.

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