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T odo what you should know about about Google My Business

Google is the most used search engine in the world, with a usage share of over 90% in Europe and the United States, not in vain more than 4 million searches are carried out per minute. Many of these searches are related to shops, restaurants, cafes or, in general, businesses Ghana Mobile Database in a specific location, and that is why it is necessary to have a listing in Google My Business.
What is Google My Business?

It is a tab with which we can link our business with a physical environment . Basically it is a cover letter for users who are looking for information about our company, or if we have done it well, we will be the first in the rich content of Google.

The objective of this tool is to offer greater visibility of your business , so that your customers can find you more quickly, and that is that the tab will allow you to manage Google Maps or Google places.

In the image we see we can see three digital marketing agencies in Gijón, if they did not have a Google My Business file they would not go out, and therefore they would lose a large number of potential clients . The search engine takes into account several variables such as reviews and distance to the business, which is why it is very useful when looking for restaurants or stores.
What advantages does this tool offer us?Ghana Mobile Database

As we have seen in the previous example, Google also positions based on the geolocation user’s , that is why it is so important to have a file created, although this is not the only reason to do so. Here are some advantages and benefits:

Privileged positioning: to appear at the top of the results, in the richet snnipet, is something really positive. It is the first thing that users will see, after the advertisements, and it will also provide contact facilities, access to the web and reach the business.
Useful information for users: in the Google My business tab we can give valuable information to users such as work hours, contact telephone number or our URL. In addition, if we are a store we can also show our products. In short, at a glance the user will receive all the relevant information.
Reviews and Ratings: We can receive customer ratings, which influence much more than what users think. Our clients can rate us on a scale of 1 to 5, and leave a comment telling their experience. When showing the first results, Google will take into account the score received, the number of reviews and the distance to show you a result.
Google Analytics add-on: with this tool you will be able to know data that you cannot with Google Analytics. You will know that people have found you directly (they have looked for your name directly) or indirectly (they have found you looking for a service, for example), how many people have asked how to get to your location or how many have seen your photographs.
Local positioning: the reality is that it is easier to get a client from your same city or province than from the other end of the country, that is why with the passage of time Local SEO gains a lot of importance, this tool is essential to achieve success in this Positioning strategy.

Google My Business, la clave del SEO Local

Local SEO consists of positioning our website within a very specific area . If you search for example “digital marketing agency” from Madrid you will see different results by searching in Malaga for example. This is really interesting for SMEs, since our potential clients will prefer a company to be in the same city or province than at the other end of Spain.

To achieve a quality local positioning, it is MANDATORY to have a Google My Business listing and have it optimized. Next, I will tell you everything you need to have an attractive listing in the eyes of Google and users.
How to improve the profile of the file?

Complete profile: when you create the Brother Cell Phone List file you will have to provide a series of data and information. Among what we find the category of the company, a description of it, the hours of operation, ways to contact, services … It is essential to fill in all the information, and use the keywords that you are interested in positioning. In the image that I share with you below, I show you an example of the use of keywords to optimize the profile.

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